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No Deposit Mortgage?

Lloyds have launched their 100% Mortgage for First Time Buyers(FTB), some of you may be wondering what does this actually means and how does it affect you? Well In simple terms, if you don’t own a property and you’ll like…

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Mortgage For First-Time-Buyers

Mortgages For First Buyers Buying your first property is exciting as it can be scary, with the overwhelming amount of information online it sometimes can seem harder then it actually is but we’re here to simplify the process as much…

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Top 10 most affordable places to buy a house.

Top 10 most affordable places to buy a house 1. Copeland, Cumbria Average house price: £114,011 12-month change: +3% Average annual wage: £37,492 House price to wage ratio: 3 (ie, house price is three times average salary.) What’s for sale: two-bedroom terraced house in Whitehaven, a town…

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